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Over the next 3 weeks your objective is to plan and develop a final piece of work for your theme.

1. Your wiki
Photograph all your work on this Unit to date and upload it to your wiki

2. voicethread
- go to and learn how to make a presentation
- upload your fotos to voicethread and prepare a 5 minute maximum presentation of your project to date

Look at the Gr11 voicethreads on vivacritique as a guide.

This should be partially scripted in advance ot help you decide what yu will say. you should include
what you were thinking when you did the work?
where did your ideas come from?
what media did you try and how did it go?
what you may want to do next and why?

Then try to embed this presentation to your wiki

If you cannot do this, you can follow the instructions on vivacritique on how to upload a screen shot file to your wiki, and then simply link it to your voicethread instead.

The next step.....

3. The final piece
You need to start considering how you can use at least some of your existing work to create a final piece of work for your theme. This will entail some planning and thought and therefore at least some notes.

Go to the IGCSE Interpretation galleries on the YIS HS VIsual ArtsGalleries site for a guide.


You should continue in your IWB's developing your work.

This is an ideal opporunity to post another voicethread on to vivacritique on your recent project.

So, before we return in early April

1. upload a new voicethread to vivacritique

2. post your reflections on your wiki

3. link relevant reflections to your on vivacritique

4. post IWB pages using ISSU, (Anna has posted a great help page on this on vivacritique)

Gr. 12
Continue preparing for the Candidate Record Booklet, (CRB). We will contact the IBO on your behalf to notify them that there may be a delay.

I have requested the school to mail you the CRB's so you can continue, but I am unsure if this will be possible. I will let you know a.s.a.p.

Ensure you complete the following a.s.a.p. and if possible, send me a digital copy of your completed CRB by the start of April.

- the 300 word candidate statement
- the selection of 30 IWB pages
- photographs of all studio work, (including titles/dimensions/date completed and media

Stay in touch, and don't worry we will sort it all out for you.

Good luck to everyone, and I look forward to seeing you all in early April.

Mr Mc Crory

All YIS HS VA students have their own space on the net where they post their own work, which is also linked to this central wiki.

- Gr 9 also have personal blogs

- Gr 10's have their own personal wikis

- Gr 11's have their own wiki's

To access other YIS sites for the visual arts, click below.

YIS HS Visual Arts Galleries
This is the YIS HS visual arts site with archive material and project and assessment information etc

virtual international visual arts
Here, YIS IB Diploma art students post their work here with students from ISS, (International School ofSingapore), and exchange feedback on their work.

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