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Get your self-evaluations and work book pages up on a online document to share with others!

These steps will show you how to upload your documents on a online website ( to share it with your classmates and teachers.


Make an account on Once you log in, there will be a 'upload document' button on the top right corner of your main page.
external image Screen_shot_2011-03-07_at_6.18.03_PM.png

Click on that button, and it will take you to a page where you can choose which document you want to upload. Click on the browse button, and select the document. MAKE SURE IT IS A PDF FILE.
external image Screen_shot_2011-03-07_at_6.23.35_PM.png

Fill in the basic information it asks you in the boxes, and click the 'upload file' button. It may take a few minuets to upload. To check to see if it is up, go back to home, and click on 'My Library'. There should be your documents on the shelf.
external image Screen_shot_2011-03-07_at_6.31.09_PM.png
You can get the link of the document by simply clicking on it, and it will open on a new window. Copy the link and paste it anywhere to share with others, and you are done!

(Edited by Anna Ling YIS)