Gr 9 student RESOURCES´╗┐

Since people have been facing dificulties on hwo to use illustrator, i uploaded a video tutorial on illustratot on how to use the basic icons.´╗┐

-klemens koestler

Here is a good website for tutorials on how to create awesome text effext on photoshop and illustrator.
below are some of the texts i find amazing, please check it out
external image tips_clip_image009.jpg
external image final.gif
external image abduzeedo.jpg
-klemen koestlerk

This is a good tutorial on how to trace images using Photoshop. This will be useful for the food packaging design unit.

-Lea Maalouf

How to Merge Multiple PDF Files
(If you need to know how to save any file as a PDF, simply scroll down!)
Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Scroll down and follow the instructions in the box titled "Combine PDF documents:".
I hope that was useful!
- Brendan Delany

How to Make Any File a PDF File (on a Mac)
Step 1: Open the file. For an example, I have opened up a ".jpg" file (it's my own made-up TIME Magazine cover).
Step 2: Press print (command-P).

Step 3: Click the PDF drop-down menu button, and then click "Save as PDF".

Step 4: Choose your save preferences (file name, where it will save to, etc.), and then click "Save".

And then, voila, you're done!

- Brendan Delany
- Klemens